144003 - News Archive

11th October 2020

A bright, sunny but not so warm day here at Ruddington saw work continuing on the internal deep clean today albeit with a considerably smaller group than usual. With 1 in self isolation, 1 broken (you know who you are Adrian), 2 with work commitments and 1 engaged in a shunt move, we were down to just the 2 of us with a third arriving a little later.

Nevertheless, work continued apace to the point where another couple of working days will see 144003 ready for the upholstery deep clean and following that, the floor to be renovated as best we can with 34 years of ground in grime to remove.

3rd October 2020

Well what can we say, another dreary, dismal & very wet day once again put paid to much progress on 144003. On the plus side, due to the amount of wet stuff falling out of the sky, we now know that the unit is watertight apart from 2 areas. One being somewhere around the wiper motor on the second mans side of the cab of DMS 55803 and the other being the gangway connection. Both of these will receive attention in the near future.

The rest of the morning was spent continuing with the internal deep clean followed by a couple of hours perusing the multitude of documents provided to us by our friends at Porterbrook and Northern before we made a cold, damp & fed up executive decision to call it a day. With much of the same (if not worse) forecast for tomorrow it is unlikely that much progress will be made this weekend so we will return refreshed (and hopefully a little drier!!) next weekend.

27th September 2020

A rather inhospitable start to the day with some rather cold and blustery weather here at Ruddington saw the decision made that continuing with the external deep clean was probably not the best thing to do.

So, with that in mind, our team continued on the internal deep clean. Good progress made but plenty more to do as you can see from some of the images in our Preservation Galleries along with some before and after shots just to show the difference being made.

20th September 2020

Another successful couple of days here at Ruddington. Whilst our engineering team continued working through the "snagging" list to iron out more niggles and ensure 144003 will be fit for service.

Our presentation team started work on both the interior deep clean and the exterior removing around 34 years of built up grime that washing points just don't reach.....

13th September 2020

After a successful few days finding and fixing a fault on the fire protection circuit that was stopping one of the 2 engines from running, 144003 is now happy once again.

The next few weeks will be spent dealing with other little niggles and a full deep clean both inside and out. Following that, a program of crew training will begin enabling it to enter service during 2021 here at Ruddington.

3rd September 2020

We are pleased to announce that 144003 moved to its new permanent home here at Ruddington today. Over the coming weeks/months, there will follow a period of servicing, testing, familiarisation and crew training before it commences passenger services here at Ruddington.

Huge thanks to our friends at Porterbrook, HNRC & Reid Freight for your assistance.