144003 DMU Arrival

GCRN 2nd Generation DMU Group

Custodians of Class 144 DMU - 144003 at GCRN - Ruddington.

Part of the Great Central Railway (Nottingham), We are custodians of former Northern Rail Class 144 DMU NO.144003 which is now based here at GCRN.Recently released from mainline service after 34 years of sterling service to join us here at our Ruddington Site on the 3rd of Sept 2020. Thanks to our friends at Porterbrook.

Love or loath them, since the mid 1980's, right up until withdrawal during 2020, Class 142, 143 & 144 Railbuses have been a low cost & efficient way of transporting passengers to their destination over lines which may otherwise have seen not just a large decline in passenger services but in some cases, no services at all.

144003 cab

144003 - What Now?

What will happen with 144003 now it is resident here at Ruddington?

Over the next couple of months, 144003 will undergo a comprehensive deep clean both inside and out along with a comprehensive electrical & mechanical inspection plus fixing any faults that become apparent during this time.

Once that is completed and the unit is ready to enter traffic, a period of training will begin here at Ruddington to ensure that our crews are familiar with the Class 144 before it enters passenger service during early to mid 2021.


144003 interior

144003 - The Future

What does the future hold for 144003 over the coming years?

Once 144003 is in passenger carrying service here at Ruddington, a regime of preventative maintenance and repair will be ongoing. The aim of our group and GCRN is to keep 144003 as original as possible within ever changing safety guidlines and eventually to return the unit to one of it's earlier liveries.

Unfortunately, all of this costs money so if you would like to donate a little something to our funds & help us keep 144003 in working order, you can donate by clicking the button below.