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13th March 2021

First update for a while due to the bare minimum of works taking as a result of the current situation with the dreaded virus. Work today concentrated on some of the last few areas that appear to have seen little attention for a number of years. Particular attention has been paid today to the saloon heaters , the continued fight with the upholstery & further cab cleaning.

The batteries haven't coped well with the cold spells over the last couple of months so with 2 new sets on order for the start systems, 2 good sets will be made out of the remaining cells to run the auxilliaries.

We are ever closer now to the point where crew training will commence with the possibility of the first services in Preservation happening towards the end of May. As always, this is not set in stone so keep an eye out for further updates here or on our Facebook Page

4th January 2021

Happy New Year? As you will be aware by now, the powers that be in Downing Street have placed us in another complete lockdown which, amidst the current pandemic, we support wholeheartedly for the safety of everyone.

Whilst we are still able to continue with limited work (a class 144 isn't something you can take home to work on) we have decided that for the time being, we will concentrate on preventative maintenance to keep her in running order till works can resume fully again.

With any luck and a possible entry into service around Eastertime, we'll see you all again mid February for further updates as that first running day for 144003 in preservation here at Ruddington gets ever closer (fingers crossed!!!)

5th December 2020

Well, second lockdown over and we're catapulted back into Tier 3(!).

Nevertheless, Adrian & Tom, two of our team, have continued again today with the centre aisle which is now done (until some better weather comes along allowing an industrial cleaner to be used) and started work in the cabs with their attention turning in the first instance to the cab of 55826. Both cabs have been somewhat neglected over the years as you can see from some of the Before & After photos but work will continue to make them a happier place for our crews to be.

29th November 2020

Another day, another weekly cleaning session on 144003. Made harder due to the damp weather but still progress to be seen thanks to Adrian & Tom. Seating areas now complete along with the toilet.

Next time the main isle and cab floors leaving the final clean of the upholstery which is suffering a little at the moment due to the damp. Will it ever end?

22nd November 2020

Apologies for the lack of updates over the last few weeks but unfortunately, due to a second national lockdown due to the increasing rates of Covid-19, work has been progressing a lot slower than we would otherwise have liked.

Nevertheless, Adrian & Tom, two of our team, (on a socially distanced basis) have been continuing on a limited basis with the floor areas around and under the seats in those hard to reach places that would generally have been missed on a day-to-day basis. This rather inhospitable job generally involves lots of stress to the knees and whilst not quite on the scale of scrubbing with a toothbrush, not so far from it.

Hopefully, with the lockdown due to be lifted again around the 2nd of December, we should be able to make a more concerted effort in the run up to Christmas but for now, it's in the hands of the Gods (well, Boris & Co at least!)

24th October 2020

After a weekend off last week for a little R&R today saw further works on 144003 here at Ruddington. With 2 now in self isolation, a further 2 with work commitments, 1 on grandparent duties and a training session in the bin due to the trainer being in a "Tier 3" area (cheers for that Boris & Covid), we still managed to muster a team of 3.

2 continued apace with the interior, concentrating this time on all things glass (read window cleaning) and cleaning the toilet area as we edge ever closer to the floor and upholstery (the final 2 jobs on the interior cleaning list) and 1 person continuing on the snagging.

We now have a working toilet flush (thankfully nothing more than a stuck valve) and, with a little help from our friends at Nottingham Area Bus Society (anyone see the irony here?), a toilet door that can be opened and closed without catching on the floor meaning that you can now get in and out (although for someone of my stature, it's still a bit of a squeeze!!!)

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